WEDDING AT REVELJEN - your special day

Do you want to celebrate with us at the fine restaurant Reveljen, the restaurant where the sea meets the city?

Saying yes to each other and celebrating a special moment with family & friends' presence is something very special. It does not matter if you have been together for 10 years or if you get married in love's intoxication.  Celebrating a wedding or a feast is the most festive and fun we can have. It may involve some stress, but leaves that to us!

Contact us at 031-857020 alt and we plan together the day as you want it!

Available dates in 2020: please call us 

Packages for the wedding couple in the suite
Early check-in, fruit, chocolate & a bottle of sparkling vine, breakfast buffet
1895: -

Wedding Envelope 80-200 pers 1395 SEK per person
All prices are including of VAT.

A glass of sparkling with tear at the bridal toast

Cuts / snacks at welcome mingle as well as fruits and snacks

Your choice of three-course wedding menu

A glass of wine for the appetizer
A glass of wine for the main course
Wedding cake

Other included
Tasting of menu
Veniue rent
Linen tablecloths, linen napkins and candlesticks on the tables
PC projector and canvas
Two wireless microphones
Sound system for dancing
(decorations are your own, but you will have access to the decoration for the past)

Please note, the 2019 wedding menu below, 2020 is coming soon ...

Menu 1

Caramelized goat cheese terrin with pickled pears, mushrooms, hazelnut & cabbage crisp.

Main course:
Baked char fillet with asparagus, cucumber, dill, salmon, sweet-sour beurré blanc & crab croquette.

Classic creme brulee with rhubarb & strawberry sorbet.

Menu 2

Baked cod back with salmon roe, tomato, pickled onion & chives emulsion.

Main course:
Long-baked veal fillet with onion butter, pickled tomato, confit parsnip & veal sky.

Milk chocolate, caramel, raspberries & peanuts.

Menu 3

White fresh asparagus with tartar on salmon, hollandaise & chives.

Main course:
Fried guinea fowl with fries anna, flavored with karljohans mushroom & Västerbotten cheese and buttered chicken broth & stew on spring primers.

Cheese mousse, almond cake, black currant sorbet & fresh berries.

Our head chef, in consultation with you, chooses a wine that enhances the dining experience.
Warmly welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.
We look forward to celebrating your wedding together at the hotel where the sea meets the city!


Can you bring your own food and / or drink?
Answer: No, we are responsible for all handling of food, drink, staff and serving permits.

Can you rent the premises only?
Answer: No, unfortunately we have no premises available for rent only.

When do you get access to the premises to decorate?
Answer: From 12.00 on the same day as the wedding, you can come in and start your preparation. In cases where we do not have any event / booking the night before, it is possible to enter the day before.

How long do you have to stay in the evening and when can the guests arrive during the day?
Answer: Serving take place until 02.00. Start is a bit up to what your program looks like on the day

What is the equipment for sound and light?
Answer: We have a projector with canvas, speaker system, 2 wireless microphones and 2 disco lamps. For DJs only need to be supplemented with a DJ bench that connects to our system via XLR cables or AUX cable. To use the projector, you need a laptop with HDMI or VGA input.

Can you leave things and pick it up later?
Answer: Of course it goes well, what you do not want / can take with you the same evening is good to set up and pick up the next coming weekday.

Can you use the lawn outside the outdoor area for games / activities in the evening?
Answer: Absolutely, no problem. The wedding toast is perfect to serve out on the dock

Can you have a marriage?
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