How do we work with GDPR?

General about GDPR

From May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. The GDPR replaces the existing PUL and applies to all EU countries.

Description of GDPR

GDPR has been developed to protect you as a customer and your rights regarding the handling and dissemination of your personal data. The idea is that you, as our guest, should feel secure that your registered information is not used improperly. The current Swedish PUL is really the basis for GDPR and most of the PUL is found in GDPR.

What is a personal information?

A personal data is such data that somehow identifies you as a person. That is, name, address, telephone, mail etc. Non-personal information about bookings, sales and activities is not included as this is counted as business secrets and in many cases is subject to accounting rules and accounting obligations.

How do we store your personal information?

Our booking systems handle relatively large amounts of personal data. If you have booked a stay or a restaurant visit, you have the right to see the information stored about you in our reservation system, including those stored in free text fields in the customer register. If you choose not to book with us again within 60 days, your personal information will be removed from our systems.

What happens in a personal data incident?

If Dockyard Hotel AB receives a data breach or if an unintentional loss of personal data occurs, the personal data controller will document the incident and report it to the Datainspektionen and affected customers within 72 hours.