Nya Varvet Marina is home to Dockyard Hotel’s bistro, which offers fine views of the entrance to the Port of Gothenburg.
Take a cycle ride away from the stress of the city or a stroll by the sea to us.
With good food, wine and a generous helping of love we have opened a restaurant that reflects what we love.
The most important of these is closeness to the water and here by the sea we have created a pleasant atmosphere and a cheerful meeting place.
We hope that you’ll leave here just like we do – with a smile on your lips and planning a return visit.

The lunch is served at Reveljen.
Monday-Friday 11:30 to 14:00.
Price 119: - including salad buffet, bread, butter, coffee / tea and cake

Lunch menu week 10

Monday 5/3
Fried chicken with creamy risotto, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli and tomato gravy

Tuesday 6/3
Fish casserole with root vegetables, vegetables, rouille & shrimp

Wednesday 7/3
Classic dill meat on calf with carrot, beetroot & parsley potatoes

Thursday 8/3
Fried haddock fillet with polka beta, oyster mushrooms, pak choi, mashed potatoes and buttered fish gravy

Friday 9/3
Deer Wallenberger with messmör, gravy, lingonberry, onion & potatoes
Lens and chickpea casserole with curry, yogurt, mango, chili, fried papa lady
119: -

Grilled fish with browned butter, chimichurri, sweet potatoes & season primers
135: -

Biff minute with capers, tomato, spinach, shallots, horseradish butter, red wine sauce & potatoes
119: -

Today's starters, the fish of the week, today's dessert
289: -